NaturaSoft™ Shea-Refined

An Exceptional Bioactive Emollient for Skin & Hair Care
INCI Name: Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea) Butter
Solubility: Oil soluble
Preservation: none
Global & Consumer Certifications: China approved
Benefits: Restores smoothness and suppleness to skin and hair, Adapted for anti-aging and moisturizing formulations, Helps to retain the elasticity of the skin, Widely used to protect skin from photo-aging and reduce skin irritations
Applications: Moisturizing and anti-aging creams, hand creams, daily and night creams, sun care and sunscreen, shampoos and conditioners, lipsticks and lip balms, soaps

Manufactured by:

NaturaSoft™ Shea is an exceptional bioactive emollient with versatile applications in both skin and hair care. Derived from Burkina Faso in West Africa, it boasts high unsaponifiables content, mainly comprising triterpene alcohols and esters like lupeol and amyrin cinnamates, offering protective properties and inhibiting free radical formation. This bioactive ingredient, well-suited for anti-aging and moisturizing formulations, helps restore skin and hair suppleness while retaining skin elasticity and protecting against photo-aging and irritations, making it ideal for moisturizers, sunscreens, conditioners, shampoos, lip products, and soaps.


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