Natural Vaselin Type C

Natural Emollient for Nourished, Protected Skin
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Natural Vaselin Type C is a versatile cosmetic ingredient designed to replicate the tactile qualities of petrolatum while being a natural alternative. Composed primarily of Medium Chain Triglycerides and wax esters, it offers healing properties and a lubricating skin sensation. This ingredient helps maintain the skin’s chemical balance, bolster the immune system by shielding against external aggressors, and combat the effects of free radicals that accelerate aging and degenerative conditions. It’s suitable for all skin types, as it’s non-irritating, non-toxic, and non-allergenic, with excellent stability against oxidation. When applied, it forms a non-occlusive protective film, soothing the skin and enhancing its appearance. Natural Vaselin Type C supports skin elasticity, aids in tissue healing, and can be employed in various skincare products, including baby care, massage creams, body lotions, and sunscreens, while also offering dandruff control for the hair and scalp.

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