N.A.S.™ Rosemary 01

The Natural Antioxidant Solution
INCI Name: Rosmarinus officinalis (rosemary) leaf extract (and) Simmondsia chinensis(Jojoba) seed oil
Solubility: Oil soluble
Preservation: none
Global & Consumer Certifications: China IECIC listed, ISO 16128, Kosher approved, Vegan suitable, Halal suitable
Benefits: Outperforms synthetics antioxidants in all categories, 2.3 times more efficient than BHT, 3.3 times more efficient than BHA, Protect an oil-soluble colouring agent in MCT more than 2 times better than BHT, Protect water-soluble coloring agents in emulsion more than 2 times better than BHT
Applications: Bulk oils, massage oils, sun care oils, all types of emulsions, balms, ointments, lipsticks make-up and lip care products

Manufactured by:

Discover the unparalleled antioxidant prowess of [N.A.S.]™ Rosemary 01, a groundbreaking innovation that transcends conventional protection. This exceptional solution offers antioxidant benefits that surpass BHT and BHA, even rivaling some natural alternatives, all while safeguarding the integrity of botanical oils and stabilizing vibrant colors. In a league of its own, [N.A.S.]™ Rosemary 01 outperforms synthetic antioxidants across the board, boasting 2.3 times the efficiency of BHT and a remarkable 3.3 times that of BHA. It excels in preserving oil-soluble coloring agents in MCT, surpassing BHT by over 2 times, and extends its mastery to safeguarding water-soluble coloring agents in emulsions. Applications are boundless, from bulk oils and massage oils to sun care solutions, emulsions, balms, ointments, and cosmetics like lipsticks and lip care products. Elevate your formulations to new heights with [N.A.S.]™ Rosemary 01, where excellence knows no bounds.


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