Goal-Oriented Care for Troubled Skin
INCI Name: Lactose, Milk Protein
Solubility: Water soluble
Preservation: none
Global & Consumer Certifications: NATRUE certified
Benefits: Especially designed for regenerative care of troubled / sensitive / dry skin, Strongly reduces redness and itchiness, Restores imbalanced lipid barrier, Restores skin suppleness by restoring skin moisture, Provides instant relief to the skin, Relieves sensations of hypersensitivity in delicate skin
Applications: Soothing

Manufactured by:

Modukine™ offers formulators a highly potent, milk-derived solution for targeted skin repair, ideal for addressing chronic inflammation in sensitive, dry, or troubled skin types. Its powerful anti-inflammatory properties work at the cellular level to not only alleviate symptoms but also restore the skin barrier, allowing for a holistic approach to skin care. This active ingredient is versatile and effective, seamlessly integrating into a variety of formulations to enhance regenerative care capabilities.


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