Millet Dry Extract

Secret of Ancient Wellness
INCI Name: Panicum miliaceum (Millet) seed extract
Solubility: Dispersible in lipidic phase
Preservation: none
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Millet Dry Extract is a true embodiment of ancient wisdom in modern skincare. With its remarkable antistress and stimulating properties, this extract finds its place in restructuring creams, anti-hair loss lotions, and nail care products, enriching your beauty regimen with time-tested benefits. Known to complement essential amino acids like methionine, Millet extract seamlessly disperses in lipidic phases, making it a perfect addition to cosmetic emulsions. This timeless grain, mentioned in the Bible and cherished for centuries, now brings its nourishing essence to your daily routine. Embrace the tradition and experience the goodness of Millet Dry Extract, a symbol of well-being and vitality, as it sustains the world’s diverse populations, just as it has for generations.


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