Microbiome-Activated Express Skin Perfector
INCI Name: Rutin, Glycerin, Water, Glucosylrutin
Solubility: Water soluble
Preservation: none
Global & Consumer Certifications: China IECIC listed, ECOCERT/COSMOS approved, Vegan suitable
Benefits: Heals skin inflammation and reduces red spots in just 24 hours, Controls and reduces hyperpigmentation and brown spots in just 4 days, Improves skin comfort and texture, Acts as an antioxidant
Applications: Cream for sensitive skin, cold cream, after-sun products, shampoos, post-depilatory, post-peeling, after shave, soothing cream, after-mask serum

Manufactured by:

Masknyl™, the microbiome-activated express skin perfector, is a cutting-edge ingredient harnessed through white biotechnology to address mask-related skin concerns such as redness, inflammation, and hyperpigmentation. By leveraging the skin’s microbiome, this phytoactive compound exhibits rapid efficacy within just 24 hours, alleviating inflammation, diminishing red spots, and promoting overall skin comfort and texture. With versatile applications spanning various skincare products, Masknyl™ offers a holistic solution to combat the aftermath of mask-wearing, making it an ideal choice for formulations targeting maskne reduction, soothing, and skin repair.


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