Evercool® Skin

Advanced Cooling Technology
INCI Name: Menthyl PCA (and) Lactamide MEA (and) Menthane Carboxamide Ethylpyridine
Solubility: Alcohol / esters soluble
Preservation: none
Global & Consumer Certifications: Vegan suitable
Benefits: Provides both an immediate and long lasting cooling efficacy on the skin (in vivo test on 25 volunteers)
Applications: Cooling cares, fresh effect, heavy legs gels, deodorant, decongestant

Manufactured by:

Evercool® Skin offers a revolutionary cooling experience by combining the proven efficacy of Questice® with a patented, ultra-powerful new coolant, rigorously selected from over 700 molecules tested on the TRPM8 skin receptors for cooling sensation. This innovative ingredient is 30 times more potent than menthol, delivering immediate and long-lasting relief as demonstrated in in-vivo tests on 25 volunteers. Formulators will find it versatile for a range of applications including cooling cares, deodorants, and decongestant products, all while adhering to vegan regulations. With associated claims of not only cooling and refreshing but also calming, soothing, neurocosmetic, and hydrating properties, Evercool® Skin is a comprehensive solution for skin comfort and care.


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