DL Biomoist© 1%

DL Biomoist<sup>©</sup> 1%

DL BioMoist© 1% is a 1% solution of a plant derived Sodium Hyaluronate in water, offering ease of formulation with powerful moisturizing properties. Sodium Hyaluronate is one of the most powerful moisturizer and humectants known so far. It provides smoothness and softening to the skin, excellent anti-wrinkle effects, promotes growth of new skin cells after peelings, and supports wound healing. Sodium Hyaluronate holds more water than any other molecule in the body and is necessary to keep collagen hydrated and youthful. Hyaluronate supports the structure of connective tissue by acting as a water magnet to maintain extracellular fluidity. HA forms a viscous fluid with exceptional lubricating properties necessary for the vital functions of many parts of the human body including the skin, heart valves, aqueous/ vitreous humor of the eye and synovial fluid (joint lubricant). The skin contains over 50% of the bodies HA. Considering that skin is over 70% water and renews itself more readily than most other bodily tissues HA is absolutely vital for its structure and daily maintenance. It’s constantly involved in cellular renewal and repair because of daily exposure to solar radiation, pressure, heat, trauma and wound healing.

INCI name Water and Sodium Hyaluronate
Recomended Use Level 2-10%
  • Extreme moisturization
  • Replenishes skin fullness
  • Ease of formulation
  • Film former
  • Cellular renewal
  • Cost effective
  • Clear colorless solution
  • Plant derived
  • Paraben free
Function Binds water, cadillac of moisturizers. Also used in injections for wrinkle plumping. Sodium Hyaluronate is naturally occuring in the human body and as we age our production of it slows down. Therefore adding it to a cream or lotion helps moisturize the skin. Excellent in Anti-aging – high end products.

Anti-Aging, Moisturizing, Re-volumizing, Re-sculpting, Sun Care, Hair Care. Excellent for global development due to the ability to adjust water retention in varying levels of humidity.