DeoHap DRY Powder C

Mineral Sweat Absorber
INCI Name: Hydroxyapatite, Activated Clay, Zinc PCA
Solubility: Dispersible in water
Preservation: none
Global & Consumer Certifications: China IECIC listed, Patented product, Aluminum chloride and Chlorohydrate free
Benefits: Internationally patented multi-functionalized eco-sustainable hydroxyapatite for sweat control with biomimetic nature, Sweat drying action without interference with the physiological perspiration, Long lasting efficacy (24/48 hours protection) through time controlled "smart-absorb" action on sweat fluids and malodorous gas, Skin microbiota friendly with balanced bacteriostatic action on pathogens and sebum reduction, Efficacy comparable to anti-perspirants
Applications: Deodorant and anti-perspirant roll-on emulsion, stick, spray and aerosol form

Manufactured by:

The traditional active ingredients based on aluminum salts with tangible objectified action used in deodorant/anti-perspirant market are under discussion, given their known induced obstruction of sweat glands and variable tendency to trigger skin irritation given by the formation of chloridric acid. DEOHAP DRY technology enables to promote the sweat reduction through a unique adsorbing action on the sweat fluids and malodorous gas, given by the innovative activity of its patented biomimetic multi-functionalized hydroxyapatite minerals. DEOHAP DRY shows immediate and long lasting (48h) efficacy comparable to anti-perspirants, working through a safe, gentle and effective sweat drying action in the armpit, hands and feet areas with no interference on the physiological perspiration.

Standard Powder version: DeoHap DRY Powder

Standard version: DeoHap DRY

China IECIC version: DeoHap DRY C

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DeoHap DRY Powder