CosmoSurf® DCB-20

Unleash Nature’s Versatility
INCI Name: Dioctyldodecyl Dimer Dilinoleate (and) Propanediol
Solubility: Oil soluble
Preservation: none
Global & Consumer Certifications: Contact for more info
Benefits: Natural replacement to acrylate polymers in SPF products, develop uniform, low viscosity dispersion of un-treated iron oxides with exceptional skin feel, quickly biodegradable
Applications: Natural water resistant sun care products, transfer resistance pigmented facial care products

Manufactured by:

Discover the future of cosmetics with CosmoSurf® DCB-20, a patented innovation derived from natural renewable monomers. This remarkable product not only exhibits outstanding powder dispersion and film-forming properties but also offers a sustainable alternative to silicon-containing products. By enhancing pigment surface wettability, aiding dispersion, and forming a transfer-resistant film, CosmoSurf® DCB-20 surpasses polyacrylate film-forming agents. Experience the lightweight, non-sticky feel of this natural polar oily polymer, which excels in dispersion, film formation, and emollience, setting a new standard for eco-conscious cosmetics.


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