Cocoa Oil-Refined

Embrace Radiance
INCI Name: Theobroma Cacao (Cocoa) Seed Extract
Solubility: Oil soluble
Preservation: none
Global & Consumer Certifications: ISO 16128, Vegan Friendly, China approved
Benefits: Rich in omega 9, enhances the smoothness and softness of the skin
Applications: Moisturizing creams, message creams, lotions, prevention of stretch marks, suncare and sunscreen, conditioners and shampoos, lipsticks, lip balms, soaps

Manufactured by:

Dive into the luxurious embrace of Cocoa Oil-Refined, nature’s treasure trove of omega 9. Every drop is meticulously extracted to preserve its rich properties, ensuring your skin receives the nourishment it truly deserves. Experience a transformation as it seamlessly enhances your skin’s smoothness and softness, unveiling a radiant glow that reflects its natural beauty. With Cocoa Oil-Refined, it’s more than just skincare; it’s a journey to the essence of nature’s charm.


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