Akosky™ Mindlight

The Natural Stress Reliever Active
INCI Name: Glycerin Aqua ( Medicago sativa ( Seed Extract
Solubility: Hydrosoluble
Preservation: Potassium Sorbate, Potassium Benzoate
Global & Consumer Certifications: COSMOS approved, Halal Compliant, Vegan-Friendly, China approved
Benefits: Re-equilibration of cell cortisol level, minimizes the appearance of expression lines, improves skin thickness, increases skin elasticity, skin barrier strengthening, reduces skin redness, improves skin appearance
Applications: Anti-stress products, daily and night care, anti-wrinkles, anti-redness cream, circadian products, hair care products, makeup products

Manufactured by:

Derived from nutrient-rich Alfalfa Sprouts, Akosky™ Mindlight offers formulators a versatile and potent ingredient aimed at tackling stress-induced skin aging and damage. Rich in phenolic compounds and triterpenoid saponins, it not only inhibits cortisol biosynthesis but also promotes cell proliferation, enhancing the mechanical resilience of dermal cells. Clinical efficacy tests validate its role in visibly reducing expression wrinkles, improving skin elasticity and thickness, and strengthening the skin barrier, making it an ideal choice for anti-stress, anti-wrinkle, and skin revitalization formulations.


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