Akomplex™ DEO

Effective Odor Regulation
INCI Name: Propylene glycol, Cetraria islandica (Lichens) Extract, Ribes nigrum (Black currant) Leaf Extract
Solubility: Water soluble
Preservation: Potassium Sorbate
Global & Consumer Certifications: Halal compliant, Vegan-Friendly
Benefits: Bacterostatic and fungicide. Mainly effective against positive and negative Gram germ.
Applications: Deodorants lotions, emulsions, roll-on, sticks. Personal hygiene preparations and anti-acne creams.

Manufactured by:

Akomplex® DEO is a compound used in deodorant formulations to act against bacteria and fungi, thereby assisting in odor control. The combination of its components helps make deodorants more effective in preventing body odor.


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