Botanical Extracts & Specialties
INCI Name: Multiple extract variations; available upon request
Solubility: Water soluble
Preservation: Multiple extract variations; available upon request
Global & Consumer Certifications: Multiple extract variations; available upon request
Benefits: Most competitive prices worldwide, high quality extracts, customization upon request
Applications: Hydrosoluble and liposoluble botanical extracts for various formulation types

Manufactured by:

Akott Evolution develops and produces botanical extracts handling a wide range of plant derivatives, such as flowers, leaves, buds, roots, barks, fruits, and juices. Our botanical extracts are of high quality as the plants are carefully hand-picked to not damage them, and the contamination of the herbal drugs is drastically reduced by a proprietary natural process for plants decontamination (no use of chemicals or pesticides) using a hyperbaric chamber with an inert gas.The Akobiol™ line is obtained extracting the officinal plants, duly dehydrated and minced, through forced circulation of the solvent in highly efficient percolators at low temperature.


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