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Another Man’s Treasure

At the forefront of microbiome skincare innovation, our postbiotic range contains the valuable metabolic byproducts of fermented probiotics. These postbiotics work in synergy to support the skin's microbiome, promoting healthy skin functions and providing multiple benefits. They can help reduce inflammation, gently exfoliate the skin, decrease redness, and soothe irritation, all while supporting an improved skin barrier function.

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vegetable alternatives

We understand the need for sustainable and ethically sourced ingredients that align with consumer demands for environmentally responsible products. Our vegetable alternatives offer a viable and eco-friendly solution without compromising on the quality, efficacy, or sensory attributes of formulations. By choosing our sustainable vegetable alternatives, you can confidently create formulations that meet your performance and aesthetic goals while minimizing the environmental impact. Let us help you navigate formulation challenges and stay true to your sustainability goals.

Circular Economy

In our portfolio, we proudly showcase a wide range of ingredients from suppliers who are recognized for their unwavering commitment towards circular economy production practices. These suppliers share core values of sustainability and prioritize reducing waste and minimizing the environmental impact of their manufacturing processes. By partnering with these suppliers, we ensure that our ingredients are sourced from environmentally conscious and socially responsible sources. Together, we strive toward a greener supply chain.

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