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AGC Chemicals Americas, Inc.

AGC Chemicals Americas Inc., is a world-leading fluorochemical and fine silica manufacturer. They supply SOLESPHERE™ microsphere silica gels that are environmentally safe, non-plastic, non-petroleum ingredients that enhance the performance of skincare and cosmetics. SOLESPHERE™ gels can be used in oil-in-water, water-in-oil and anhydrous formulations to provide a UV/SPF boost, reduce greasiness and stickiness, minimize pores, absorb oil and perspiration, improve spreadability and provide a matte appearance ideal for tinted moisturizers and makeup formulations.

Akott Evolution

Akott Evolution manufactures and distributes active ingredients for the cosmetic industry. They combine elegance and passion with excellence in research to produce highly effective ingredients from environmentally sustainable methods.


Antaria is the manufacturer of ZINCLEAR IM™ &
ZINCLEAR™ XP product ranges. Powder & Dispersions of Zinc Oxide. Ecocert® Transparent, Broad Spectrum Protection for daily wear or a day at the beach.


Channel your inspiration…partner with Arxada
to create robust, high-performance formulations based on our extensive portfolio of preservatives and formulation essentials. Create excitement for your consumers, with Bioactives that help restore skin to its naturally healthiest state, including hair systems that target the hair fiber, and anti-dandruff chemistries which provide improved scalp health.


Clariant VitiSpheres® are a unique and patented Carrier System, especially designed for use in skin care formulations to deliver pure “Active Ingredients” to the skin. Controlled retard release offers a much longer sensorial effect than other delivery systems. VitiSpheres® are easy to formulate with and they are proven to remain stable during stirring and storage, protecting the active.

CLR Berlin

CLR develops innovative and high-quality cosmetic actives for skin and hair care and has enriched beauty and personal care with many novel actives and pioneering concepts over the past 60 years. CLR’s products are marketed across the globe to cosmetic companies who value high quality ingredients, reliability, safety and expertise.


Givaudan Active Beauty offers award-winning products for an expanded range of benefits including anti-aging, self-tanning, soothing, hydrating, cooling and more. Their cutting-edge technologies draw on science and nature to create high-performing molecules and functional agents, including customized carrier systems. Part of the Fragrance Division, Active Beauty leads the market in crafting innovative products supported by our strong expertise in advanced and applied sciences.

Lucas Meyer IBR

Lucas Meyer IBR develops, manufactures and markets innovative and proprietary natural active ingredients for the cosmetic and food industries. IBR performs its research and development activities at its own research laboratories and markets its cosmetics ingredient products through a network of locally appointed distributors and representatives. IBR benefits from the consultancy of worldwide leading researchers both in industry and academia.


INdermal is the industrial cosmetics division of Nanovex Biotechnologies, a 100% Spanish biotechnological company that specializes in the development of nanosystems for the delivery of pharmacologically active ingredients.


Kalichem an Italian based company, who specializes in the research, development and the production of natural, innovative ingredients for Skin, Hair and Oral Care applications. Products are of vegetal origin and have a low impact on the environment from renewable sources and are easy and safe for use. Many products stocked in the US.


Natura-Tec is a natural solutions provider to the personal care industry offering a wide portfolio of vegetable and marine based ingredients. They offer plant alternatives to synthetic silicones, petrolatums and animal derived lanolin satisfying recent trends in clean beauty, veganism and minimalist cosmetics.

New Age Botanical, Inc.

New Age Botanical offers Botanical Extracts and custom blends sourced from all over the world. Cost effective, low MOQ’s. Manufactured in USA.


Oriel is a company driven by a desire to provide products that make brand products work better. Their facility is operated out of Port Oriel, Clogherhead, Ireland. Oriel‘s Activated Deep Sea Magnesium & Trace Mineral Water Extract is designed to replace base water in skin care and cosmetics. Scientifically tested and clinically proven to improve the health of skin from a cellular, molecular, genetic and physiological perspectives. Developed to be incorporated into water-based applications without odor, temperature or formulation issues. Oriel Magnesium and Mineral Extract delivers profound bioavailability and proven performance enhancement to your products.

Premium Organic

Premium Organic is an Austrian biotech company focused on R&D and manufacturing of natural extracts for the LifeScience Industry. With ALPIN HEILMOOR EXTRACT™ (AHE) we developed and produced our first product: a multifunctional bioactive ingredient. AHE – a dark micronized powder for dermocosmetics & personal care products – 100% natural.


Primient is a company that specializes in ingredients for food and personal care. For 160 years, their passion has been to create food people love. Their deep technical expertise and passion has driven their innovation and creativity and they have created the TEXTURLUX® range. The TEXTURLUX® Personal Care Applications are a range of products designed to give personal care formulators bio-based options in thickening, emulsion stabilization, film forming, and the formation of skin creams, hair products and other personal care applications.

SurfaTech Corporation

SurfaTech Corporation is a Specialty Chemical Company founded in 1997. They specialize in naturally derived, sustainable polymers, primarily for the personal care market.


Founded by Barak Tzadok and located in the High-Tech Village at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Synergio is unlocking the power of nature to reshape the consumer goods industry with smart ingredients that make healthier and more sustainable products. BiomEco™ is structured from the protection mechanisms of nuts and resins and is 100% natural; an innovative multifunctional preservation system for personal care products, with five performance-oriented properties.

TauDerma SA

Founded in the Valais in 2014, TauDerma SA is a research-driven company that develops innovative dermocosmetics. They use patented proprietary screening and extraction technologies to obtain uncharacterized alpine plant extracts with scientifically proven properties; these extracts are then used to make highly innovative cosmetic products that are solvent-free without the additional use of preservatives. TauDerma SA utilizes this technology to develop SaxiGlow, derived from the Saxifraga plant in the Swiss Alps. SaxiGlow works to restore the balance of the effect of TNFα to reduce exacerbated inflammatory reactions and thus protect the skin from premature aging. The plant is sustainably cultivated from organic farming and COSMOS certified.

TC USA, Inc.

Natural Based Technology Platforms – TC USA Inc. is comprised of three distinct product lines which offer performance driven, highly functional, cost effective, natural and naturally based specialty ingredients: Naturally Based Rheology and Feel Modifiers, Film Formers, Moisturizers, Conditioners, Glossing Agents, Specialty Surfactants and Mild Cleansing Systems.