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A highly effective range of silica microspheres that can enhance the performance of your cosmetic and personal care formulations. The H-Series offers a porous, high surface area silica with a particle size range of 3-12 μm, ideally suited for W/O emulsions. Meanwhile, the NP-Series offers a non-porous silica with a size range from 4-20 μm, perfect for primer and polishes. Lastly, the D-Series provides an insoluble silica with a size of 20 μm, which is especially well-suited for skin scrubs. Each series offers unique benefits that cater to a wide range of desired outcomes. In addition to their varied particle sizes and pore structures, all RESIFA™ SOLESPHERE™ silica microspheres are highly versatile and can be used in oil-in-water, water-in-oil, and anhydrous formulations. They provide a range of benefits including SPF boosting, pore minimization, blurring, and matte appearance. They can also help improve spreadability, absorb oil and perspiration, and leave the skin feeling moisturized, smooth, and radiant. Upgrade your formulations with RESIFA™ SOLESPHERE™ Silica Gels for a sustainable, high-performance, and safe solution that meets your unique formulation needs.

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Preservative Free


ISO 16128, NON-GMO, Vegan Suitable


Absorbs oil and perspiration, Blurring, Blurring effect, Decreases greasiness, Decreases sliminess, Improves spreadability, Increases absorption, Matte appearance, Pore minimizing, Smoothing


enhances the performance when combined with other talc alternatives such as cornstarch, rice powder, calcium carbonate, and mica, Natural sunscreens, cosmetics and skincare, SPF Boosting, Suncare, Sunscreens, Texture Modifiers

Fine Silica Gels for Sunscreen, Skin Care and Cosmetics

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