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Natura-Tec SeaRenew™

The revolutionary hair care infusion that is set to transform the hair care industry. This unique infusion combines Sapote Oil and Nannochloropsis Oceanica microalgae species, two powerful and natural ingredients that work together to promote and support hair strength and growth.

Sapote Oil, sourced from the Dominican Republic, is a sustainable oil that not only provides a source of financial income for small rural populations but also has many beneficial properties for hair care. It induces keratinocyte differentiation 1, stimulates hair growth and skin regeneration, and is rich in omega 9 and 6. The Nannochloropsis Oceanica microalgae species, produced using patented low carbon footprint photobioreactor technology, is the first substantial source of cholesterol in the vegetable world, and is an essential component for hair vitality. Together, these ingredients have been shown to have a significant effect on the proliferation of human follicle dermal papilla fibroblasts, which are the cells involved in hair growth regulation, making it a powerful active in boosting capillary density, reducing hair loss, and increasing the number of hairs in the anagen phase.

In an in vivo test efficacy, Natura-Tec SeaRenew™ was found to be highly effective in promoting hair growth and reducing hair loss, making it a perfect solution for anyone looking to strengthen their hair. With its eco-friendly and sustainable production process, Natura-Tec SeaRenew™ is not only good for your hair but also for the environment.

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Pouteria Sapota seed Oil (and) Nannochloropsis Oceanica Extract


Preservative Free


Halal Suitable, ISO 16128, Palm Free, Vegan Suitable


increases hair density by 5 % after 1,5 months and up to 10% after 5 months and decreases the hair loss by 16 % after 1.5 months and up to 45% after 5 months, induce an intense proliferation of human follicle dermal papilla fibroblasts, shows a significant fibroblast proliferation of 53% already with 0,5% of active and 70% with 5% of use, stimulates hair growth and strength by reducing hair loss and increasing hair density


Hair mask, Haircare, Scalp Care, Shampoo

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