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Natura-Tec SeaBerry Blue™

Natura-Tec SeaBerry Blue™ is a cosmetic active ingredient that helps strengthen the skin's natural antioxidant defenses against excessive exposure to UV radiation and blue light. It rebalances the circadian rhythm, synchronizing the biological clock for improved well-being. Modern life leads to inadequate exposure to natural light during the day and overexposure to artificial light at night, which can lead to skin damage. This unique ingredient has been proven to increase skin antioxidant production by 28% under blue light exposure and by 42% under UV (A+B) radiation. Its biomimetic pathway increases the concentration of skin antioxidants, protecting the skin against environmental aggressors. Natura-Tec SeaBerry Blue™ is an effective solution for enhancing skin's natural protection and promoting overall skin health.

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Triolein (and) Vaccinium Macrocarpon Seed Oil (and) Haematococcus Pluvialis Extract


Preservative Free


China Compliant, COSMOS Approved, Full Traceability, NON-GMO, Sustainable Sourcing, Upcycled Development, Vegan Suitable


Can boost skin natural protection against environmental aggressions, increase the concentration of skin antioxidants, when subjected to stress by UVA, UVB or blue light exposure through biomimetic pathway, Stimulates the synthesis of antioxidants by 28% under stress generated by blue light and by 42% under stress generated by UVA and UVB through biomimetic pathway, Under conditions of stress generated by blue light, is able to stimulate the synthesis of antioxidants by 28% and under stress generated by UVA and UVB this will increase by 42%


After Suncare, day and night cream, skin protective cream, Suncare, Sunscreens

Booster of skin natural antioxidant protection

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