RESIFA™ SOLESPHERE™ fine silica microspheres provide an environmentally friendly, versatile, and high-performance alternative to talc in skincare and cosmetic products. They enhance texture, absorb oil and sweat, improve spreadability, and offer fragrance and color enhancement, making them a valuable ingredient in the formulation of various personal care items. These benefits include:

Environmental friendliness: SOLESPHERE is made from silicon dioxide, a natural and sustainable material, and is free from petroleum and plastic. It is an environmentally safe option that helps reduce waste and minimize environmental impact.

Versatile functionality: SOLESPHERE provides a wide range of functionality and uses in cosmetics and personal care. It enhances UV protection, reduces greasiness and stickiness, minimizes pores, absorbs oil and sweat, improves spreadability, and provides a matte appearance.

Moisturizing and smooth texture: Formulations incorporating SOLESPHERE leave the skin feeling moisturized, smooth, and radiant. It enhances the overall texture and feel of skincare and cosmetic products.

Performance in liquid and powder applications: SOLESPHERE has shown excellent performance compared to talc in liquid applications and is a viable alternative in powder applications. It offers a wide range of particle sizes and oil absorption properties, making it suitable for various product formulations.

Fragrance and color enhancement: SOLESPHERE can encapsulate fragrances, enhancing their longevity and allowing for a longer-lasting effect. It also promotes uniform color dispersant in cosmetic powders, providing consistent and vibrant shades.

Wide range of product applications: SOLESPHERE can be used in oil-in-water, water-in-oil, and anhydrous formulations. It is suitable for powdered cleansers, soaps, shampoos, and deodorants, offering versatility and performance across different product types.

Enhancing Sunscreen, Skincare & Cosmetic Formulations
Encapsulation for Powders
Alternative to Microplastics
Alternative to Talc